What are Tweens & Teens Excited About in VR?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Unsurprisingly, younger generations are showing a strong interest in Virtual Reality. However, our research at Greenlight VR led to the discovery of more unexpected data regarding younger individuals’ interest in VR. In collaboration with Touchstone Research, we surveyed over 500 tweens and teens regarding their knowledge, interests, and desires for virtual reality products. What we found was simply shocking.

When asked about virtual reality, we found that nearly 70% of the sample could accurately define it and that almost 80% had at least heard of it.

We not only found that a significant portion of the sample knew about various VR devices, but the majority were extremely excited about it. In fact, only 2% of the entire sample stated that they are not very interested in VR and 10% were “on the fence”. The remaining 88% said they were very interested.

How interested are you in learning about Virtual Reality?

What this tells us is that there is a large market currently waiting for the VR industry to unfold. Some are predicting that might come with the release of Oculus’ consumer headset but considering the more cost-efficient technologies that mobile VR offers (e.g. Cardboard & Samsung Gear VR), there might be a significant opportunity for affordable VR to achieve long-lasting mass-appeal.

This data represents just a small sample of our comprehensive VR Consumer Report that will be the first-of-its-kind to take both a quantitative and qualitative analytical approach to what consumers are interested in regards to VR technologies and applications. This will range from their knowledge regarding contemporary headsets such as Oculus and Samsung Gear, while also exploring more conceptual expectations and desires for the various applications VR can have in our lives. This research is aimed at not just reinforcing the notion that VR is dominating the entertainment sector but to also inform the developers, distributors, and marketers that there is more the average consumer wants from VR than just to play games and go on social media.

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Sean Whitmore is a research analyst for Greenlight VR and is lead author for the 2015 VR Consumer Report. Follow Sean's Twitter (@seanGLVR) for more VR analysis.

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