Where did all the Porn go?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We've been having a think about where the VR Index is heading recently, well not just recently, we're always thinking about where things are headed, to be honest! This process involves looking at the state of VR, at what we find interesting and what we feel will make the site, above all, useful to it's users.

It is partly for this reason that we've decided to remove all the porn links from our listings. At first look, it would appear to be a shame to lose the traffic, and we apologise if you were one of the sites which were getting great traffic referrals from our pages! This traffic was skewing the usage stats strongly in it's favour and at the heart of it, we are not trying to build a porn specific listing site. There are way too many of these already!

Another major reason to remove the porn content is that we felt it's existance was potentially alienating to many users, despite being hidden from view we felt it still sends the wrong message.

We have retained our 'Adult' category, sex is a fundamental human trait and this is going to be reflected in VR, without a doubt. We hope the site will still be sex positive but more focussed on the businesses involved in the industry, rather than the content.

We hope you understand our position and continue to be involved in making this site an amazing resource for the VR community.

PS The graphic above is borrowed from this interesting writeup on VR porn from Esquire