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Producers of the Senso and Neo HMD. Really slick looking prototype with good specs currently.
Suresnes, Ile-de-France


The 3DRudder is a revolutionary feet-controlled 3D navigation and motion controller. This device offers a type of...
Marseille, France

Mad Genius

The Mad Genius Controller is designed to look and feel familiar to gamers based on an xbox controller design. The...

Tactical Haptics

Reactive Grip is a Haptic feedback device that can be used to convey motion and force information using tactile...

Razer Hydra

Razer Hydra is a wired motion controller developed by Sixsense and sold by Razer which has been the main motion...
United States

Merge VR

A mobile based headset and controller, site seems to be pretty light on details but it's a lovely shade of purple.
San Antonio, TX

Trinity VR

Trinity VR are developing an optically tracked 'Gun' type hardware add-on for VR called the 'Trinity Magnum'. Project...

deepthr3e technology

Developer of SWΛT™ Simulated Weapons Awareness Technology™ that allows a gamer to select any weapon, using either hand...


Virtual Bike is a revolutionary installation which leads you to an interactive virtual world, making use of a real bike.
Rome, Italy

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