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Hapto is a unique motion controller, that enables you to feel surface of virtual objects and control virtual reality...


What if you could touch&feel everything in your screen or through virtual reality glasses? We are proud of...
Almería, España

FeelReal Mask

FEELREAL is a fully operating prototype of a revolutionary, next generation virtual reality (VR) mask for video games...


NextGen Haptic Feedback The HapTech system delivers shock rather than just vibration.  The addition of shock will...


Miraisens have created a 3D haptic feedback motion controller for VR and other related fields, the Miraisens 3D haptic...


An experimental platform which uses arrays of ultrasonic transducers to create haptic feedback.


Creators of Touch 3D stylus | Cubify http://cubify.com/en/Products/Touch Also a source of 360 Heros GoPro Camera mount...

Overpowered Laboratories

Creators of the Reality Shock haptic feedback device which uses electric shocks. Only for the really masochistic gamers.


SUBPAC: Tactile Bass Systems for shaking your guts whilst playing FPS.

The ButtKicker

The ButtKicker, the most elegantly named Haptic Feedback system ever known.


A tiny little wearable sub-woofer, might be useful for increasing immersion.

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