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symbiont | VR™ is a virtual reality social experience that utilizes live and prerecorded 360° video, sophisticated...

Nautilus VR

A VR headset which is designed to work whilst the user is actually in water. Taking the concept of immmersivity to a...

The REALM System

The REALM System by REALM — Kickstarter A world first gaming system using resistance to deliver an immersive physical...


Impression.PI is a Virtual Reality HMD that is wireless, has 3D gesture control, position tracking, and supports...

Roto VR

Roto VR Virtual Reality chair Roto is a motorised VR platform (#mVRp), which enables gamers with any headset to play...


An attempt at putting together a tabletop gaming VR system. Unsuccessfull on Kickstarter.

Overpowered Laboratories

Creators of the Reality Shock haptic feedback device which uses electric shocks. Only for the really masochistic gamers.

Blocks Camera

Blocks Camera: The Most Powerful Multi-functional Camera. by Blocks Camera — Kickstarter.

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